Your Relationship With Disability

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It’s often useful to consider how we each relate to disability, so we understand better where one another are coming from . Think about which of these apply to you (may be more than one):

  • (A)  I am a disabled person.
  • (B)  I have a family member who is a disabled person.
  • (C) I am a parent of a disabled person.
  • (D)  I have a friend who is a disabled person.
  • (E)  I have a workmate who is a disabled person.
  • (F)  I do disability-related work.
  • (G)  I have studied disability.
  • (H)  I do not know much about disability but I’m interested.
  • (I)  Other – please describe.

Which of those fit for you? (no strings) And how does that shape your thinking?

This post is also at Public Address’s Access blog.

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