Site Protocols

This page describes what is expected from you – and what you can expect – at this website.


I welcome your comments, especially your own experience and thoughts. Other forms of evidence are also great and links to your sources are appreciated so people can delve further.

I may need to approve your first comment on this site before it shows up. After that, only spam or possible abuse should slow things down for you. I will be moderating for certain keywords.

If you would like to contribute a guest post about a topic dear to your heart, please contact me.


Our conduct makes this shared space work. Perhaps think of it like a friendly local cafe (with an adjoining office that I may disappear into from time to time).

Please make others welcome and respect their dignity. Treat each other well. Acknowledge and link to any material you’re bringing to the table.

Strike up a conversation but argue the issues, not the person. Let’s have some interesting and spirited discussions together – but if you abuse others, act like a dick or threaten any laws you will be asked to make it right or leave. As the proprietor here, I’m ultimately responsible for this being a welcoming and productive place for all of us. I reserve the full and final right to edit or delete any comments and ban any commenters.

I will do my best to be fair about that – with one wee exception: I reckon libertarians have dominated more of the conversation in New Zealand that their tiny public support deserves, so this site will not be engaging with that perspective. Plenty of other places to lament personal freedoms being hampered by societal obligations if that’s your bag.

I value society and responsible stewardship, and also enterprise, creativity and the delights of living. Too many good conversations on offer to bother justifying that every day.

Rights and Sharing

Please share this stuff around if you like it. Most of the site’s content is open under a Creative Commons license providing you give fair credit, or if it’s not mine to share that’s noted. Some work I have done for others over the years is confidential so I may refer to it in conversation but cannot share it.

By entering comments or other original content here you license me and this site to publish them free of any costs or claims in perpetuity, though you retain your copyright as author.

There are licensing details at the end of each post (see “Share This” below). You will find Sharing buttons at the bottom of each post – and each comment.

Permalinks that you can copy are behind the date/time of each post or comment.

To raise any concerns over rights, please contact me right away.

Other Legal Stuff

This site is subject to the applicable laws of New Zealand. However, I am not liable for any actions that people may decide to perform as a result of its content, nor any consequential losses or damages.

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